Rent Versus Buy- That Is The Question...
There Are A Lot Of Things To Consider When It Comes To Answering This Question And Only You Can Decide. Here Are Some Items To Consider Surrounding This Topic...
How Long Do You Plan On Living In The Home As Your Residence?

What Are The Details Of The Mortgage?

Are You Okay With Repairs And Maintenance?

What Can You Afford?

What Are Your Goals?
CASE STUDY: Advantages and Disadvantages Of Buying versus Renting
There's no doubt that owning a home can be a great investment.  Especially if the area you are considering buying a home is rising in value as it could ultimately lead to a pretty handsome profit when you decide to sell.  There are however, both distinct advantages and distinct disadvantages to each which should be considered before you make a decision to take the plunge.
Advantages (Pro)
  •  No More Landlord!!!
  •  Builds Equity 
  •  Potential Tax Benefits
  •  Can Out Your Personal Touch on Improving the home
  •  More Privacy and Stability 
Disadvantages (Con)
  • Maintenance is now yours
  •  Extra expense beyond mortgage payment
  •  Need for down payment ( depending on program)
For all the benefits of ownership you will also need to consider there are also some benefits to renting.  For example, no property tax bills and not responsible for maintenance which could give you the feeling of having more flexibility. 

There is no one single response as everyone goals are different when it comes to considering home ownership.  Your best bet is to do your homework, consider your options and speak with a mortgage professional.  Keep in mind, there are many good mortgage loan originators in the marketplace but we know where the great ones are.  Click here to be introduced to a VERIFIEDmlo licensed in your state.

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